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Our Mission

We are a parish church of the Church of England, and a large part of our mission is service to the parish of Stamford Baron (that part of Stamford south of the River Welland) in making Jesus known and providing the rituals to mark life events, praying for the parish and offering worship. But we also reach out to serve the world in Jesus' name, both by giving directly to Christian mission and other charities and by raising the profile of others' needs in order to encourage all people to give.

We participate in the Christian Aid work of Churches Together in Stamford, raising funds for the world's poor and raising the public profile of the plight of those most affected by climate change.

Christian Aid

World Vision

We sponsor a child, Ben, in Uganda in order to ensure that he receives a proper education. It is in many ways just a small step in alleviating poverty, but hopefully will make a big difference to him and to his family.

Occasional donations

Charities both local and worldwide benefit from occasional gifts from the collections taken at, for example, our annual carol service. Our local foodbank receives gifts from our Harvest Thanksgiving. And our people also give to charities personally. Our mission is to try to be the answer to others' prayers!

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